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I have used Wealth Anand for a number of deals and needs, both personal and financial related and have never been disappointed with the value or the quality of the advisory or services offered. The Downtown location is easy to get in and out of and the services are rendered with the highest level of competence and professionalism.

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Buy health insurance- Keep your family members safe

Our busy lifestyle hardly gives us any time to care for our health and fitness. However, your health is always the most precious asset in your life, and you should not make any compromise. Nothing should stop you from enjoying a healthy life. Sometimes, financial issues prevent you from having the desired healthcare services. Thus, to safeguard your health and keep away from financial challenges, you can choose our healthcare insurance policy.

Medical emergency can arise at any time due to accidents and illness. Our health insurance schemes help you cover-

• Pre and post-hospitalization costs
• Cost for psychiatric assistance
• Annual health check-up expenses
• Critical illnesses

Our team knows that everyone has different healthcare needs. That is why our team is ready to customize your health insurance package. Let us assist you in managing your regular health treatments without stresses.

Our medical insurance products are available for both individuals and businesses of different sizes. Our team will help you in choosing the right insurance scheme. Moreover, we simplify the process, as you can buy your health insurance policy online without dealing with hard copies. When you have chosen our policy, we will make you aware of special benefits available with it.

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